Scripts and Screenplays


A young mother struggles to hide the truth.

A stage-play for Saltmine Theatre Company

Commissioned by the Dudley Safeguarding Children’s Board, my one-woman show of Becca is about a young mother struggling to cope with her baby daughter whilst trying to hide her mental health issues from the social services.

“A powerful insight through the lens of a mother with mental health problems and her social worker and the tensions of what we see as practitioners and the attempts by a parent to mask the realities of her illness.”



Who do you say I am?

Chris has been caught red-handed with the knife that killed Dean. His Probation Officer tries to uncover the real story.

A stage-play for Saltmine Theatre Company

Who are the young people who carry knives on our streets?  What drives them to feel the need to do so?  Are they really the dangerous monsters the media describes, or is there more to the story?

In 2013 I was struck by a story in the news about a stabbing incident, and the depiction of him in the news.  All the facets of his personality were stripped away and only a monster was left for the public to fear.  Suddenly we were presented with the idea that all young people were carrying knives, viciously willing to attack without provocation.  I wrote Who do you say I am? in response to this, trying to address the heart of what would drive a person to carry a knife, and what would drive one to use it.

Accompanied by a workshop that addressed decision-making and consequence processes surrounding knife-crime, and in collaboration with the West Midlands Police Service, this production toured secondary schools throughout some of the country’s most deprived regions.





Caught in a love triangle, three teenagers test the boundaries of excessive drinking.

A stage-play for Saltmine Theatre Company

Written in response to a series of prominent alcohol-related tragedies amongst young people, this first piece of creative writing sought to address the decision-making process and myths behind the damaging binge-drinking culture emerging in the UK.

Accompanied by a bespoke workshop, this production toured secondary schools across the nation.

“The presentation was extremely powerful”



Escape V.2.0 – Exposed

The entrancing world of the internet is one giant playground for Will and Sarah. But hidden in dark corners, predators lurk…

A stage-play for Saltmine Theatre Company

Commissioned by Staffordshire County Council, this production is an exploration of the impact the internet and social media has on teenagers.  Pornography, sexting and slut-shaming are seemingly standard methods of interaction amongst pre-teen and teenage social-groups, and I wanted to investigate and expose the pressures placed on those who walk this path.  Is there any choice for today’s teenager, or is this the fundamental to their future?

This production toured around every secondary school in Staffordshire, and was a follow up to the immensely successful primary school internet production Escape.