A versatile writer, I have experience and expertise in a wide range of styles.  I have an proven track-history of partnering with other organisations to help them bring their story to life, and I love to draw alongside partners to help them find their voice.  I have taken great pleasure in working with organisations such as the NHS, the West Midlands Police Service, and the Police Counter Terrorist Unit.

As a creative writer I am well accomplished in creating scripts and screenplays, with my works having been performed and delivered across the nation to popular acclaim.  I am currently writing my first novel, and have several short stories in the offing, and I look forward to sharing them with the world as they come into full fruition.

I am always keen to take on new commissions and projects; click below to find out more about my previous works and what I can offer.


A service for business, publications or individuals who want to give their works a voice and make them shine.

Scripts and Screenplays

An experienced writer for stage and screen, I love to see my words given life by the talents of performers.