About Miriam

Working as an actor and director in a theatre company, I stumbled across my love of writing when I was approached within the company to help save a project. They had no writer for an alcohol abuse awareness production, only a brief and a fully booked tour! This last-minute, terrifyingly stressful journey led to a moment standing in the wings on tour as I listened to 300 teenagers roaring with laughter at a joke I had written into my script. It was a revelation to me. As a performer first, I have always understood the sharing of a story between actor and audience, but I had never imagined I could connect with an audience through the pen, until that moment. Since then I have poured myself into exploring the relationship between reader and writer.

After my first stage play, I went on to write many more theatre scripts, the highlights of which include a partnership with West Midlands Police on a knife crime project, and a commissioning by Staffordshire Safe-guarding board to write a one-woman production on Adult Mental Health.

During this time I decided I wanted to focus the next stage of my career solely on writing, and so I sought after qualifications which would provide me with a strong foundation of knowledge. Achieving my  Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Birmingham City University was an exciting milestone.

Expanding my knowledge base further, I did a work placement with Connect advertising agency, focusing on copywriting within the advertising world.

I am currently writing two novels and working on a short film project. Having only written as a professional to a tight brief, I am enjoying the freedom of writing without boundaries. As well as this, I freelance as a copy writer and assist other writers with their novels.

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