Novels and Short Stories

The Test

Troubled teenager, Bek, unwittingly sets an archaic test in motion, imbuing her with god-like powers. Wrestling with how to use her new-found gift, Bek quickly learns the limits of the test, sparking a quest for survival.

This is my first novel, the seeds of which were planted during my study for my Master’s Degree.  As my first foray as a novelist, this seemed like a daunting (and possibly daft) endeavour, but one I thoroughly and unashamedly revelled in.  Set in modern-day England, and inspired by and influenced by ancient myths and legends from Celtic Britain, this is the first story amongst a hopeful many.


The Mountain Man

Unwillingly dragged to live in the unfamiliar landscapes of Canada by her mother and step-father, Charlie stumbles across the myth of the Mountain Man: a beast-like figure that preys on those who trespass in his forest. Her quest to solve the mystery takes her on a surprising journey.

My second novel is a collaboration with fine-artist, Oliver Pengilley.  Ollie approached me about one year ago with an idea for a story called The Mountain Man, wanting me to help him develop it further and turn it into a book. Combining my writing with his truly excellent illustrations, this product of our joint creative mind promises excitement and adventure.

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